Competency Program

The Competency Framework

Our Competency Framework lies at the heart of our program and defines how we support the needs of healthcare community and sterility assurance professionals.

Three Key Steps to

The Competency Framework sets out the three key components that are required to demonstrate competency as at all levels within the sterility assurance lifecycle. These components consist of knowledge, understanding and experience.

The desired level of knowledge, understanding and experience will vary according to an individual’s role in sterilisation lifecycle. Evaluating competency enables individuals and organisations meet MDR and ISO regulatory requirements.

The knowledge that is required in order to perform a functional role within an organisation. Knowledge requirements will vary according the scope of the role.
Proving that knowledge, in addition to being known, is understood. It is a key component in proving competency.
Is achieved by applying knowledge + understanding in real world situations over an extended period of time.

How will the Competency
Framework help me?

How will the Competency Framework help me?

  • Assists individuals to plan and advance their careers.
  • Supports employers who must meet regulatory requirements and wish to provide career development pathways for staff.
  • Provides regulators with the detailed programs required to support audits and to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

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