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News March 11, 2022

Richard Johnson joins the SfSAP board

Richard Johnson President and Chief Executive Officer at the Parenteral Drugs Association (PDA) has joined the board of SfSAP.

The SfSAP was established by iia, AAMI and ASTM (through ASTM Committee E61) to enable a broad range of organisations to collaborate in defining competency requirements for the Sterility Assurance community and that also ensures compliance with current regulations

The various SfSAP working groups have defined competency in terms of knowledge, understanding and expertise. The initiative has facilitated experts from all sterilisation modalities to develop guidance that considers sterilisation science, microbiology and packaging. Besides aiming to provide a consistent interpretation of competency the initiative aims to provide sterility assurance professionals with greater clarity over career path options and the skills that need to developed.

The appointment of Richard Johnson to the SfSAP board ensures engagement with a broader audience and will help to drive collaboration in developing training and certification amongst a wider audience.