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News February 8, 2023

SfSAP presents an updated organizational structure.

An updated SfSAP organizational structure was discussed during the monthly meeting held on January 23rd. During 2022 the number of active working groups was expanded to seven and the training and learning effectiveness group has become increasingly engaged. The next phase of implementation will see increased engagement with the stakeholder communities: medical device manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, contract sterilisers and the regulatory community. A key element of the next phase of SfSAP evolution will therefore centre around communications.

The SfSAP Steering Group is the driving force behind developments and consists of the Chairs of each working group plus members of the SfSAP board.

Key elements of the organisation structure appear below:


The Society for Sterility Assurance Professionals continues to strengthen collaboration between iia, AAMI, and PDA in order to support the development of Sterility Assurance Professionals.

Arthur Dumba, will continue to lead SfSAP, and will also chair Radiation Sterilization Working Group as well as the Steering Committee.

  • Christophe Deneux (BD) will lead the Medical Device Manufacturing & Pharmaceuticals Liaison group,
  • Paul Wynne (iia) will lead the Contract Sterilizers Liaison group,
  • Kimberly Patton (BD) will lead the Regulatory Liaison group.
  • The Training and Learning Evaluation Group is led by James Vesper (Valsource).